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Surestop Stopcock Remote 22mm 4m

plumbing - stop-cock - Surestop Stopcock Remote 22mm 4m
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Surestop Stopcock Remote 22mm 4m Product Information

Product Information
ManufacturerWater Softner
Product BrochureView PDF file online

The surestop remote water switch consists
of a valve which is installed in the water supply
(close to the stopcock), which is connected by
two metres of flexible twin bore tubing to a
switch which is then located in a convenient
position for the user.
Installing a surestop means that in the event
of an emergency you can quickly turn off your
water supply. In addition, it offers peace of mind
as you can now easily turn off your water supply
when leaving your home unoccupied.
The surestop is:
● Easy to install – typically less than an hour
● Powered by water pressure – the unit requires no batteries or electricity
● Totally reliable – with over 350,000 units already in use

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