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Jet Lube V2 Jointing Compound

tools - slip-joint-plier - Jet Lube V2 Jointing Compound
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Jet Lube V2 Jointing Compound Product Information

Product Information

Enhanced V-2+ is a soft-setting, nonpetroleum-based thread sealant for use with potable water, liquids, and gases where immediate pressurization is desirable or necessary. V-2+ is a water-resistant, nonstaining, low-odour sealant which includes PTFE and unique natural fillers for tighter joint make-up due to increased thread lubrication. V-2+ is a nontoxic, environmentally safe, high-performance thread sealant that contains no lead or metals. V-2+ is easily applied and is brushable down to 0°F (-18°C).

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