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Ventra Flashing Aluminium 450 X 600 50-170mm

plumbing - flashings - Ventra Flashing Aluminium 450 X 600 50-170mm
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Ventra Flashing Aluminium 450 X 600 50-170mm Product Information

Product Information
ManufacturerVentra Flashings
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V-SEAL pipe flashing systems are purpose designed to provide a flexible, durable, weatherproof seal where penetrations pass through roof slates and tiles. These one piece roof flashings have a rubber cone, with a lead or aluminium base. They are supplied ready to install and eliminate the on-site fabrication required
when installing a traditional lead slate.
VL Series
– Lead base pipe flashings with rubber cone for cable and pipe diameters from 5mm to 280mm.
VA Series
– Aluminium base pipe flashings with rubber cone
for cable and pipe diameters from 5mm to 450mm.

Each rubber cone suits a wide range of pipe sizes and roof pitches. This is a major advantage when compared with traditional lead slates that have to be fabricated to suit specific dimensions and roof angles. The pipe diameters are marked on the ribbed measurement lines, providing easy identification of size ranges and helping to guide an even cut around the cone. The flexibility of the cone allows the pipe flashing to be installed on roofs of varying pitches
and also accommodates expansion, contraction and building movement, whilst maintaining a weatherproof seal.

VA Series aluminium base pipe flashings are available
with cones in EPDM (for cold pipes) and silicone (for
high temperature pipes). These materials are of the
highest quality and are resistant to ozone and ultra
violet light. The manufacturers state that the flashings have a 20 year product replacement warranty against faulty manufacture or materials.

Silicone Rubber:
Temperature range –60°C to +240°C.

(EPDM) Rubber:
Temperature range –40°C to +115°C.

The large rectangular lead base is malleable and simply formed to match the profile of roof slates and tiles. The large size of base also offers excellent coverage and provides ample working material for dressing over the tiles around the penetration. With the exception of one size, the VL Series are manufactured using Acrylead which is a unique, baked, acrylic primer coating for lead sheet. This Acrylead finish ensures safe handling and inhibits water coming into contact with lead and its oxides, which helps prevent lead run off staining the roof and entering ground water systems.

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