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Ryobi Tek4 Digital Multimeter

tools - multimeter - Ryobi Tek4 Digital Multimeter
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Ryobi Tek4 Digital Multimeter Product Information

Product Information

RYBRP4020 RP4020 TEK4 4 Volt Digital Multimeter with Battery and Charger

The new Ryobi Tek4 tool range provides performance, durability and long run-time in a compact package. Each Tek4 tool is powered by a 4 Volt reusable and interchangeable Lithium-Ion battery.

This Ryobi RP4020 4 Volt digital Multimeter has a simplified mode selection dial for quickly choosing 1 of the 10 measurement modes with the simple turning of the dial knob. The RP4020 has built-in probe storage for quick, easy storage and tangle free access, a kick stand for hands free use and a convenience hook so you can easily hang it almost anywhere for one-handed operation. The Ryobi RP4020 has an easy to read large LCD display with backlight to read measurement in any poorly lit workplace.

As with the rest of the Ryobi TEK4 range this RP4020 4 Volt digital multimeter is impact, dust, and water resistant and will certainly withstand tough job site conditions. There is an auto power off feature to save the battery life when the unit is not in use but has been left on, thereby saving you on recharging.

Each Tek4 tool is powered by a 4 Volt reusable Lithium-Ion battery and is designed for ultimate performance and ease of use.
The Tek4 battery is interchangeable with all Tek4 products giving you ultimate flexibility.

CATIII - 600 Volt
Current: 10 Amp.
Battery: Rechargeable 4 Volt Li-Ion.
Charger: 5 hours.
Height 23.49 cm.
Width 7.3 cm.
Length 22.1 cm.
Weight 0.94 kg.

Includes: RP4020 multimeter, 1 x AP4001 battery, 1 x AP4700 charger, 1 x alligator clip, 1 x test lead.

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