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Fein E Cut Blade Long Life 35mm X3

tools - multimaster - Fein E Cut Blade Long Life 35mm X3
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Fein E Cut Blade Long Life 35mm X3 Product Information

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Product Information
ManufacturerFein Power Tools

Long life E-cut blades increase durability when used with wooden materials and delivers up to three times the number of cuts and retains the performance of standard E-cut saw blades. Greater resistance to damage from light / accidental contact with plaster, brickwork, nails etc and generates no smoke. Suitable for soft and hard wood, laminate, plaster board, plastic and GRP

E-Cut long-life saw blades
Bi-metallic teeth, stepped, high cutting speed. Extremely durable and robust. For hardwood, softwood and all other wooden materials -including those with nails. Also perfectly suited to plastics and plasterboard.
Length 50 mm, form 160

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