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Aquabion Limescale Prevention Unit 3/4in

plumbing - water-softeners - Aquabion Limescale Prevention Unit 3/4in
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Aquabion Limescale Prevention Unit 3/4in Product Information

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Product Information

The Aquabion limescale prevention unit
The system uses zinc sacrificial anodes that release zinc ions which react with calcium to form aragonite
( See image 3). The change in the structure of the calcium prevents the build up of limescale in the pipes while in suspension.
The Aquabion does not remove the calcium from the water like a watersoftener but leaves it in a state of supspension. The water is perfectly drinkable and still includes the all the essential minerals that occur naturally. Any deposits left after evaporation ie on a shower screen will be left as a powder
( Neutral non-adhering lime )that can be easily swept away rather than the usual tough limescale.
There is no other product on the market which can use this technology and there have been many independent tests which confirm that Aquabion is safe and 95%-98% effective.
If you want to completely remove the existence of calcium in your system then a water softener is required, but where space is not available for this or
the task of filling a water softener with salt is not desired then the Aquabion is a space & labour saving alternative to a water softener with a 7 year working life.

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