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Liff Wrappa Programmable Scale Inhibitor

plumbing - water-treatments - Liff Wrappa Programmable Scale Inhibitor
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Liff Wrappa Programmable Scale Inhibitor Product Information

Product Information

Wrappa - Electronic Scale Inhibitor

The Wrappa is an electronic water conditioner that uses radio frequencies to alter the characteristics of hard water. Once conditioned by the Wrappa, limescale simply passes through a domestic hot water system without sticking to heat exchange surfaces.

When used in a hard water area, the Wrappa can extend the life of household hot water appliances such as shower units or hot water cylinders. The Wrappa can also remove existing scale from a system.

Features and Benefits

Single appliance or whole house protection
Helps lower heating bills (reduces scale)
Water remains potable
Little maintenance required
Costs less than £5 a year to run
No plumbing required
Removes existing scale - works on most piping material including plastic pipe

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